We’re a team of experienced designers, engineers and product managers that loves building digital products.

  • 01

    Technology focused, user driven.

    Software, Hardware, Design and Strategy: we’ve assembled an unprecedented level of hands-on talent to push the boundaries of digital products well beyond landing pages and mobile apps.

  • 02

    We do products, not presentations.

    Whether it's starting from scratch or working alongside your existing development team, we bring the startup mentality that gets stuff done. Every day.

  • 03

    One team: You + YND.

    We aim to be as efficient with your time as we are with ours. We work hard to make sure that you don’t have to manage us, and that YND becomes an extension of your own team.

Our Expertise

  • Strategy

    We deliver the right strategy to build transformative digital products through careful planning, user research and lots of prototyping.

  • Design

    From user experience on mobile or wearables to interaction design, we make sure it resonates with the user.

  • Software

    Creating scalable architectures and stable code requires thorough knowledge of many platforms, which we happen to have plenty of.

  • Hardware

    Hardware prototypes that are beautiful from the inside, and built in close cooperation with the client and our interdisciplinary design team.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Using all our human brainpower to get AI infused in your company and products.

  • AR / VR

    In close collaboration with our clients we create immersive VR environments that bring experiences to life.