YND at DLD19 Munich

YND Team
Published on:
January 24, 2019


Once again, the organizers of DLD19 Munich delivered an insightful and thought-provoking conference, packed full of interesting speeches and panel discussions. DLD, which stands for Digital, Life, Design, is a series of conferences around the world that explore how the digital age fundamentally changes our lives, society, and business.

The Themes of DLD19 Munich

Perhaps not surprisingly, the talks and private conversations at the event were heavily influenced by the political and technology news stories of 2018. The themes that kept coming up were the potential of AI, consumer trust in corporates and the need for people-centric technology. Many speakers touched on the potential of AI to transform our lives in many ways. From how we work, to how we shop, to how we learn about what is happening in the world, AI and the use of customers data featured prominently during the event. And notably, in response to widespread public concern, Sheryl Sandberg spoke about the need for Facebook to regain trust by doing more to respect users and protect their data.


Sheryl Sandberg on stage at DLD19 Munich.

Reflecting these themes and true to form as both a major sponsor of the event and the leading payment services provider in Europe, Wirecard demonstrated innovative use of AI that both entertained participants and hinted at a safer future for retail payments.


Michał Waśkiewicz (l) and Alistair Cadman (r) from YND, showcasing Wirecard’s Smartbar at DLD19.

Biometric Payments

Developed in partnership with YND, Wirecard’s SmartBar enables customers to register with a facial scan and then securely & seamlessly pay for and collect their orders. There’s no need to tap or insert a card, and no chance of losing one.

For a seamless experience customers order their drinks using a mobile app, while the bar recognizes them as they approach and automatically pours their drinks.

Meanwhile, the customer biometric information is processed and stored locally and is not sent to the cloud — reducing the potential for fraud.

A Refreshing Approach

As consumers continue to grapple with questions about the trade-off between convenience and allowing companies like Facebook to collect their personal data, it is refreshing to see Wirecard delivering amazing experiences while making consumers more secure in their everyday interactions.


A customer uploading a selfie using the Smartbar companion app at DLD19.

AI has a lot of promise. If companies follow Wirecard’s example of using this technology to make our lives safer and more enjoyable, then the future of retail is bright indeed.

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