All the software, we will build it like it was our own. Whether it’s team extension, end-to-end product development, or expert consulting you’re after, our experienced team is up for the challenge.

Product design services

Product design

Product design strives to deliver beautiful and usable products that solve user problems and help you achieve your business goals.

  • Product Design

    By adopting the right design tools, methodologies, and a human-centered approach, we can create products that are both visually appealing and tailored to meet the user's needs. These products are guaranteed to be loved by your customers.
  • UX Design

    Customized user experience design enhances user satisfaction and moves your business forward. Our UX design services guarantee a smooth and cohesive user journey across various touchpoints, ensuring that your product meets your users' needs.
  • UI Design

    Convert potential visitors into customers by providing them with responsive and easily accessible user interface designs for your product. Great UI design not only enhances user interaction but also provides an attractive appearance, which encourages users to return.
  • Design Review

    A design review is a great way to ensure that your product provides the best user experience and increases business value. Our designers will offer a fresh perspective to ensure that your product not only meets but also exceeds expectations.

  • Case study:

    St. Oberholz

    How we partnered with St. Oberholz and orderbird to craft a one-stop card-linked loyalty solution.

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  • Job well done:

    IWC Schaffhausen

    We partnered with IWC Schaffhausen and Scholz & Friends to create a one-of-a-kind luxury watches experience.

Web development

Web development

We deliver world-class web software, from idea validation and development up to the initial deployment and further maintenance.

  • React.js

    Choosing the right expert team and applying the right frontend development services will have a remarkable impact on your app success. React.js is the most stable and performant web frontend solution out there.
  • Java / Kotlin

    Our Java and Kotlin development services cover a broad range of activities, from designing and building Java-based applications to maintaining and supporting existing apps. These languages excel in creating robust, high-performance applications and widely understood software that work seamlessly on the backend.
  • Ruby on Rails

    Build applications in record time to fuel ideas and innovation. Ruby on Rails is still the most opinionated and established web backend framework in the world, chosen by industry leaders as Shopify or Airbnb.
  • Node.js

    Node.js allows the execution of JavaScript on the server-side and is perfect for building fast and scalable web applications. It is our tech stack of choice for JavaScript oriented teams who can benefit most from working in full-stack development teams.

  • Case study:

    Bidfood Farutex

    During our long-term partnership we've built an extensive, custom tailored solution for HORECA e-commerce.

Mobile Development

Mobile Development

Build your mobile application with the experienced team behind apps for the best brands of the world.

  • iOS Swift

    By using Swift for developing iOS native applications we can meet the highest standards user experience, use latest iOS features and allow our client to tap into Apple App Store market to boost the revenue and establish brand’s image.
  • Android Kotlin

    Android makes up 74% of all mobile apps. Creating a successful Android app can help to tap into a huge market, take advantage of more customization opportunities and less restrictive Google Play App Store policies to deliver unique value and great usability.
  • React Native

    Mobile development with React Native requires a unique blend of experienced JavaScript/TypeScript developers, mobile domain knowledge and design prowess. YND React Native team uses years of experience of native mobile development to bring all the benefits of this new technology, without sacrificing the user experience.

  • Job well done:

    Burger King Mobile Ordering

    For Burger King Deutschland we've grilled some tasty mobile ordering app along with extensive back office.

  • Job well done:

    IWC Schaffhausen

    We partnered with IWC Schaffhausen and Scholz & Friends to create a one-of-a-kind luxury watches experience.

Team Extention

Team Extention

Looking for more man power for your project or missing some competences for the task at hand, our experience engineers will bring fresh perspective and accelerate your development velocity.

  • Backend Development

    Our team of experienced developers will work with you to build the architecture and infrastructure needed to support your product. With the support of our team, you can be sure that your product will have the stability, security, and scalability needed to meet your business goals.
  • Web Development

    By hiring our experienced team, you can ensure that your web project is developed to the highest standard. While it is relatively easy to build app with React, it takes years of experience to become proficient in it and to understand how to use it effectively to develop complex web applications, something we do since years.
  • Mobile Development

    Mobile app development requires a deep understanding of the mobile platform and device capabilities. Our experienced mobile developers have the knowledge and expertise to develop mobile applications that are optimized for performance, scalability, and security while also delivering an exceptional user experience.

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