On a mission to build excelent software products we constantly look for great people around the world to join our team and grow together!

Open positions:

The process:

  1. ApplicationAs simple as it gets, just fill in the contact form, send us your CV together with some basic information needed and let our recruitment team drive the process from now on.
  2. Intro CallIn case there is a match YND recruiter will schedule a short call with you to introduce the company and quickly check the process expectations on both sides.
  3. Test task & ReviewBefore the tech interview, you should expect a short tech assignment from us, it will help us to get some live context material upfront the live call.
  4. Portfolio ReviewThe stage is yours! Be brave and be prepared! You will have a meeting with our Design Guy(s) at which you can present all that you’re particularly proud of, or not so much, something that world might have not recognized yet, but you know your thing! We will go through your projects, talk about it, see how you create and organize your work. You will also have an opportunity to find out how our Design Team works, what will be your exact role and ask any questions you would like to!
  5. Design ExcerciseOk, you’ve already got our attention — now is the time of trial! As scary, as it may sound, we will only get a small amount of your time. During our online call you will be given a small design-related task to solve by the end of our meeting. No worries, there are (usually ;-)) no wrong answers!
  6. Tech InterviewThe final step of the process, you will jump on a call with our YND tech lead of your domain who will answer all your questions, discuss the assignment results and deep dive into your experience.
  7. Final DecisionShortly after the interview, you will get the feedback from us together with our offer. We are looking forward to this step no less than you do :)

What else
will you get?

  • 99% Work Flexibilty

    We adapted 100% remote work culture, while still leaving the option to use our Warsaw office. You can also decide on your exact work time day schedule.
  • Feedback Culture

    We take care of your growth and you will have one on one meeting every 6 months with your domain lead to discuss your growth progress and expectations.
  • Multi-Sport Card

    We offer a multi-sport card to esnure your body can catch-up with your mind :)
  • Integration Budget

    All our teams have the integration budget to decide on and spend time together.
  • Company Equipment

    You will get the best equipment suited for your position to use whatever you need and a display in case you work from the office.
  • 1x Home Office Upgrade

    1k PLN to upgrade your home remote office to spend, whatever exactly you need.
  • Personal Growth Budget

    Your skills are as important for us as for you, so you will get an annual budget for anything what helps develop your work related skills.
  • English class budget

    In case you want to improve your English, we fill fund at-least 50% of the lessons cost.


Work with our experienced team to develop a customized software solution tailor made for your business needs.